Garage Makeover

Our new (to us) garage had been neglected for 25 years. It was greasy, dark, and full of bugs. Something had to be done. Fortunately, my cool wife let me to tackle the garage first among a long list of home improvement projects.

new garage 01

Here's the "before" shot. This is the way it looked at the inspection. The POs took their stuff, but left the mess.

new garage 02

After weeks of cleaning, and 15 gallons of white paint, it looked like this. I used 2 gallons of laquer thinner and wire brush remove the heaviest grease from the floor. Then, I used concrete cleaner and a pressure washer to get things clean as I could. Finally, the floor was etched with Behr concrete etcher.

new garage 03

I used Sherwin-Williams ArmorSeal paint. Very expensive stuff, but it's supposed to be really good. Time will tell.

new garage 04

It's amazing what a difference paint makes.

new garage 05

The Nova and the '02 came home to their new home in November. My daughter, Grace, loves the camera.

In addition to the paint, lots of other work has been done too. My electrician buddy, Darrell, installed a 100-amp sub-panel, six eight-foot florescent lights, and some more outlets. I've now reinstalled my compressor with lots of copper pipe and two drops. A Modine hydronic unit heater is hanging from the ceiling, just waiting for some warm weather so a plumber can add a zone to our home's hot water heating system.

That's all for now. I hope to get back to work on 2002 in Janurary.

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