Safety First!

The restoration section of this site is a work in progress. The goal is to document how I carried out the different phases of this restoration. My methods may not always be perfect, but I do my best. Anywhere that I make a mistake, you can expect me to 'fess up to it.

As the restoration of the car moves along, the list of topics will grow. For the foreseeable future, expect a focus on rust repair, body work, and paint. I won't move on to the other phases of the restoration until the car is painted.

Winter 2006-2007

Trunk Floor and Tail Panel Replacement

Summer 2006

Passenger-side Quarter Panel Replacement

Spring 2006

Quarter Panel Dissection

Summer 2005

Driver-side Quarter Panel Replacement Part 1 of 3

Driver-side Quarter Panel Replacement Part 2 of 3

Driver-side Quarter Panel Replacement Part 3 of 3

Winter 2005

Driver-side Rocker Panel Replacement

Summer 2004

Garage Makeover

Spring 2004

Passenger-side Rocker Panel Replacement

Winter 2004

Rear Window Rust Repair

Fall 2003

A-Pillar Repair

Summer 2003

Front Column Repair

Spring 2003

Tii Snorkel Removal

Spring 2003

Fuel Tank Repair

Fall 2002

Hood, Trunk, and Doors

Fall 2002

Front Subframe Repair

Summer 2002

Rust Proofing

Winter 2002

Paint and Rust Removal

Fall 2001


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